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The 2014 Virginia General Assembly amended the Waste Kitchen Grease statute ( ) As a result of that action, effective July 1, 2014, all waste kitchen grease (WKG) transporters subject to registration under the statute will be required to conspicuously display a decal provided by this office on the registered vehicle and carry a copy of the registration certificate inside the vehicle.

All WKG transporters who were registered prior to July 1, 2014 were issued and should have received the corresponding decals. All new and renewing registrants will receive their decals in the mail shortly upon completion of the online initial or renewal registration.

Please contact Sandy Harrington at or (804) 225-4601 for additional information.

Exempt or Non-Exempt?

To determine if you are required to register as a transporter of waste kitchen grease you will need to review the following statements:

If ALL the answers under either Section A or Section B apply to your standard business operations, you are exempt from the registration requirements. If you would like a letter stating this exemption, please click on the “Exempt” button below. If you cannot answer yes to all the questions under either Section A or Section B, you are required to register, pursuant to §3.2-5509. Please click on the “Register” button below to begin the registration process.

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Please contact Sandy Harrington at (804) 225-4601 or for additional information.
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